1. I’m tripling the recipe right now and with all of the tomatoes and sugar and lemon juice, I’m getting the idea I might be standing over the cook top for a while. I missed a chunk of tomato while blending and I fished it out and ate it. Mind you, I have just barely started cooking the jam. It was amazing! Between the tomatoes and the fresh taste of the lemons and the bit of ginger, I’m super excited for the final product. If I can get through the cooking stage! 😉

    • It too a good 2-2.5 hours of cooking but it finally thickened. I wasn’t sure about the canning part. I heated my jars before filling them and sealing. (Basically the same thing I did with my zucchini relish). Is this all that’s needed or do they require a hot bath? I didn’t have to do this with the zucchini relish. I’m just verifying my assumption is correct. 😉 I tasted the jam after the thickness test and it’s amazing! I’m so glad I did this. Thanks. 🙂

  2. I started canning a few years ago when I was laid up due to a surgery. It was the best way to pass some time without over doing it while healing. I wanted to can for the main purpose of making a tomato jam for my mother. She was reminiscing one day about her childhood and how they used everything they grew – not wasting. And, not having a lot in the way of money, sweets were what they could make of what they grew. Tomato jam was my mother’s favorite sweet treat the she lovingly remembered making with her mother. As she shared her stories with me, she had this look on her face of dreaminess and sadness at the same time – fond memories past from long, long ago. The second jam I made was tomato jam – the first was my practice go at it with strawberry. When I showed up for a visit with her carrying few jars of tomato jam she was so happy! When we had some of that jam on a fresh biscuit, she smiled, told me it is exactly as she remembered and her eyes teared over. …… I don’t know why I got into this long explanation and almost forgot what I intended to write. : ) I made my jam with white sugar. I will definitely try the brown sugar recipe that you have listed. I didn’t use ginger in mine – used a tad of lemon juice and one batch I added some crushed red peppers with the lemon juice. Both were delicious however, I want to give this one a try for sure. ‘Tis tomato season so that will be my weekend project. Thank you! ….. funny how writing this made my eyes tear over, too.

  3. My mom made tomatoes presures when I was a Child, good on Hot Bisicuts. In the 80’s I made tomatoe jelly from fresh Juice.

  4. I don’t have a scale, and will be using garden tomatoes. I need to have the measurement for the tomatoes in cups, not pounds. Do you know the approximate cups for this recipe?

    • Sorry, I don’t have measurements like that for this recipe. 🙁

  5. If you don’t have a food processor or blender ,what would be the best way to crush the fresh tomatoes?

    • you can grate them into the pot over the course side of box grater. Just watch your knuckles! 🙂

    • I haven’t tried it but you can try substituting the same amount of white sugar. The jam won’t have the same deep flavor though and might seem sweeter.

      If you try it, let me know how it comes out.

  6. Is there a certain variety of tomatoes that this recipe calls for? 🙂

  7. Hi! I definitely want to try making this but canning frightens me, I grew up eating all kinds of canned food but I’m afraid that I won’t get it right & will make someone sick. Can this be done as a freezer jam & if so, how long will it be good for?

    • I definitely understand the hesitation on canning! Unfortunately I’ve never tried freezing it, so I’m not sure (if you give it a try, let me know!). It does last for a while in the fridge, so you could just do a small batch and keep it that way. That’s what I do when I don’t feel like going through the hassle of canning it.

  8. Hi! My husband LOVES tomato jam & he said this was theeee best!!! I actually centered my brothers Christmas present around it! He got a jar of jam, The Little House Cookbook & a DVDs series of Little House on the Prairie, he LOVED it. I do have a question: what’s the shelf life? (Our didn’t last long enough to know!) Thank you.

  9. After making this, do you store it in fridge or cupboard? I want to ship it for Christmas. Thank you.

    • As long as you seal the cans (by processing them in a water bath) they can be kept at room temperature. If you don’t process them, you should keep the jam refrigerated.

  10. With all the tomatoes available this is a recipe I think I will get done ! 🙂

  11. I tried this today … Delicious! Is it possible to double or triple?

    • I’ve doubled it before with no problems, but it does take a little longer to cook down.

  12. My love of cooking, preserving, gardening, and the like came from my beloved Grandma. She passed away in March. We were just talking about her mother’s tomato jam last winter. I’m going to make this for her and our family.

  13. Aww I love this tomato jam story! I’m sure it felt crazy humiliating at the time, but it must have also had a big impact if you remember it so well! Summer tomatoes are the best and I love this way of preserving them for future consumption.

  14. I got a jar of Marisa McClellan’s (Food in Jars) tomato jam at a food swap here in Philly and it was love at first taste. I love making it in summer and then eating it in the fall, just after the leaves have fallen. It reminds me of summer when the temperature drops and I remember that the weather will get warm again. So glad you shared this recipe!

  15. Food blogs are what inspired me to start cooking. I saw how easy it was to make gourmet food right in my own kitchen!

  16. Oh, Lauren, I am feeling your pain! That is just the sweetest story. But, on the plus side, you knew you had given her summertime happiness in a jar.

    I have a tomato chutney with Indian spices that I make for Christmas gifts, when I can get enough ripe red tomatoes. It goes over a treat! I know we would adore your tomato jam in my house too!

  17. Great story. I’ve never tried tomato jam. Think I need to remedy that.

  18. The recipe sounds delicious and I’ll pass it on to my husband–who tends our garden. My love of cooking came from watching my Dad in the kitchen (and my enjoyment of delicious food–which I came by naturally–from my Mom). My Dad gave me “The Joy of Cooking” almost 50 years ago, but I use many other cookbooks, too.

  19. I’ve never had tomato jam before, but this sounds really interesting. I would love to try it!

  20. Gosh, this seems perfect for summer! I love slathering jam on saltines (yea, I might be 89 years old) … and I bet this is just about the best thing to go on crackers…or biscuits, or toast, or by the spoonful! Again, just lovely!

  21. What an awesome story about giving your teacher the jam 🙂

  22. Can this be processed (water bath or pressure canner)? If so, how long? Looks aaaamazing.

    • I honestly don’t know. THe recipe in the book just calls for them to be put into jars and sealed without additional processing.

      My favorite source for canning recipes has a similar recipe for a processed jam though – it looks like she does 20 minutes in boiling water. (here’s her recipe:

      • I’ve made zucchini relish before and all you do with that is sterilize the jars, cook the relish, carefully fill the jars with the 1/2 inch head space and cleaning the rims, and tighten the lids. The relish sealed as it cooled. I’m sure the same method would be used with this.

  23. I’ve never tried tomato jam and I’m really sorry I haven’t! I loved your story! As a child I was very very shy (still am), so I can definitely relate. I would have probably cried and begged my mom to allow me to stay home for like a week. I have to try this jam before tomatoes are no longer in season!

  24. Lauren, oh, the wanting to crawl under the desk feeling! Ugh! But how sweet that you realized that you wanted to cook for others as a result of your teacher’s tomato jam praise! Love the story and thank you for sharing the recipe!

  25. Love tomato jam – and I loved all of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a child (in fact, I still have my boxed set and am just waiting to pass it down to my daughter.) Great memories and a great recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  26. This looks so good! I want this on some biscuits for breakfast!

  27. I love tomato jam and had it for the first time last fall. I’ll have to figure a way to get some extra tomatoes this weekend to try it out 😉

  28. I love your story, and I felt your pain. I never wanted to do anything that called attention to myself in school, especially in elementary school. I love that you fell in love with cooking at so young an age. I was a bit of a late bloomer myself. 🙂

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