Ice cream and Frozen Yogurt Recipes

Strawberry Mojito “Fried” Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry Mojito "Fried" Ice Cream



Have you ever had fried ice cream? You can sometimes find it at Mexican or Chinese restaurants and it’s a real treat, with a cool, creamy core of ice cream surrounded by a crispy cornflake crust. Until about a month ago I had no idea that fried ice cream was actually fried. I always figured they just toasted up the outside with a torch or something. Anyway, I was doing some research after being asked to create a healthy new dessert recipe featuring Yoplait’s new frozen yogurts and, well, what do you know?

Ultimately, I decided that frozen yogurt + hot oil didn’t sound like the safest idea but I was set on the idea of creating a fried frozen yogurt treat. I started by mixing strawberry frozen yogurt with pistachios and mint. Then, instead of frying it in sugary cereal, I rolled it in graham cracker crumbs that I toasted on top of the stove. The result is a light, fresh dessert that’s perfect on a warm summer night.

Bourbon Peach Ice Cream & a McCormick Dinner Party 5

Bourbon Peach Ice Cream & a McCormick Dinner Party

Bourbon Peach Ice Cream & a McCormick Dinner Party 6

Last month, McCormick Gourmet Spices asked if I would be interested in becoming part of their dinner party chain. Since I’m a huge proponent of using spices and seasonings to add bold flavor to healthy recipes, I didn’t hesitate before I said yes. (Seriously, have you seen my spice collection lately?) If you want to join the dinner party chain yourself, be sure to check out McCormick’s Facebook page, where you can submit your own dream dinner party idea and be entered to win a fantastic kit to help make it happen.