Earl Grey Banana Bread 1

Earl Grey Banana Bread

<p>One of the downsides to trying to balance keeping up with my  recipe development jobs (I work with both ShopRite and General Mills, plus other random projects) and making sure I have fresh content to post here is that I rarely have time to make recipes created by <em>other</em> people.</p>
<p>Then I heard about the <a href=Secret Recipe Club, which pairs up bloggers each month and has them make, test, and write about another blogger’s recipe – meaning not only that I’d get to make something created by someone else, but I’d also get feedback on my recipes. Win-Win, right? Unfortunately, a lot of people agreed that it was a great concept – I’ve been on the waiting list for months. But I finally made it into a group, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Udon Noodles in Tea Broth with Smoked Turkey


Remember last summer, when I developed and posted a series of recipes incorporating tea as part of the Tazo Challenge? Although I didn’t win the challenge, two of my recipes have been featured as part of a “Cooking with Tea” feature that has been published in a bunch of newspapers across the country! (Seriously, check it out!)
Since it seemed appropriate to celebrate the articles with another tea recipe, I finally had a reason to experiment more with tea-infused broth — something I’ve been meaning to do since the very first time I used tea in a savory recipe. The flavors in this dish were actually inspired by an old Weight Watchers cookbook, but they were surprisingly bold. The floral notes of the Earl Grey tea balanced perfectly with the earthier mushrooms and smoke flavors, and the noodles were perfect for slurping. This simple dish is even better the next day, after the noodles and carrots have soaked up even more flavor.
I had no problem finding smoked turkey at my regular grocery store, but I’ve also seen smoked chickens in specialty butcher shops that would work just as well. In a pinch, a drop of liquid smoke in the broth would achieve a similar result.
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glass jar of granola on a piece of burlap

Slow Cooker Granola with Cherries and Almonds

Crunchy homemade granola made in your slow cooker! This crock pot granola recipe has a hint of cinnamon, dried cherries, and almonds. Make it your own by swapping out the fruit and nuts for your favorites!