Roasted Red Pepper Bisque with Asiago Crisps

Red Pepper Bisque with Asiago Crisps {#PepperParty}

Roasted Red Pepper Bisque with Asiago Crisps

Now, you didn’t think I’d be able to make it through the party without making a soup recipe did you? Obviously, not. Seriously, sometimes I feel like I should start a second blog devoted entirely to soup, since I’m sure you all get sick of it sometimes. I can’t help it though!

This Red Pepper Bisque is surprisingly easy to make, featuring just a few simple ingredients, but it’s incredibly rich and satisfying. Asiago crisps and a hunk of crusty baguette make the perfect accompaniments.

quiche provencale |

Quiche Provençal

quiche provencale |  quiche provencale |

We’re having a Pepper Party, and you’re invited! A few of my blogger friends and I have teamed up with Divemex this week to celebrate all things bell pepper (and give away some amazing prizes). Bell peppers are one of my favorite items on a vegetable platter, but I rarely think to plan a meal around them so I was excited to have an excuse to think up some fun new recipes.

Gingery Tofu Summer Rolls 1

Gingery Tofu Summer Rolls

I’ve seen a new trend popping up over the last summer or two: summer roll parties! I have to admit, I kind of love it. Summer rolls are pretty much the perfect food when it’s insufferably hot out – they’re cool, crisp, and filled with watery vegetables and fresh herbs. Since they’re eaten at room temperature the fillings can all be made ahead, which mean you can actually spend time with your guests instead of in the kitchen.

Roasted Eggplant and Lentil Soup | Healthy. Delicious.

Roasted Eggplant and Lentil Soup

Roasted Eggplant and Lentil Soup | Healthy. Delicious.

Yeah, so remember how I said all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch with a blanket? Apparently it’s not because it’s fall… it’s because I’m sick! Ugh. I have a terrible cold – the worst one I’ve had in years. Three of the last four meals I’ve eaten have been soup. Luckily, I have a big pot of this roasted eggplant and lentil soup in the fridge, so all I have to do is heat it up (which is about all I have the energy for right now).

This soup is just want I need though. It’s rich, earthy, and slightly spicy, with a subtle Middle Eastern flavor from roasted eggplant, tomatoes, and ras el hanout. A dollop of coconut yogurt finishes it off and balances out the spiciness.