9 Healthy Foil Packet Recipes For When You Don’t Want To Do Dishes

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If you’re looking for an easy dinner with minimal cleanup, you’ll love these healthy foil packet meal ideas. We have something for everyone – even dessert!

9 Healthy Foil Pack Meals For When You Don't Want To Do Dishes

I feel like I must have done something to piss off the blogging gods. This summer, nothing is going my way!

Back in April, my laptop died. Annoying for anyone but particularly obnoxious when you’re a blogger! I made do with a borrowed one I but it wasn’t the same without all of my files and programs set up the way I’m used to.

I FINALLY got a new one a few weeks ago. I went with a surface, which I love so far,  but switching to windows after using a Mac for over a decade takes some getting used to!

I was finally getting back into the swing of things when I broke my stove.

Like, seriously? A jar of salsa fell at just the right angle and smashed the glass stovetop into a million pieces. Somehow the jar didn’t even break! A replacement will be here in about a week.

In the meantime, at least it’s still grilling season.

I’ve been all about healthy foil pack recipes this summer as it is, and it looks like I’ll be making some more this week.

Foil pack recipes are great for any night, but they’re especially useful for camping since you don’t need pots and pans.

That also means they’re great when you don’t feel like doing dishes. For me, that’s every night.

And, as I just discovered, they’re perfect when your stove isn’t available. If you think you might do a kitchen reno soon – or if you’re just a butterfingers like me – you’ll definitely want to bookmark these healthy foil packet meal ideas.

These mostly focus on dinners, with everything from beef to shrimp, but I also included one of my favorite foil pack desserts.

Where appropriate, I’ve made a note about any special diet they fall under (paleo, whole 30, dairy-free, gluten-free…although people just love putting corn into these, so there aren’t as many paleo/Whole30 options as my roundups usually have.) As always, please check your product labels to ensure there are no hidden ingredients if you follow a special diet.

[mv_create key=”705″ type=”list” title=”9 Healthy Foil Pack Recipes For When You Don’t Want To Do Dishes” thumbnail=”https://www.healthy-delicious.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/9-Healthy-Foil-Pack-Recipes-For-When-You-Dont-Want-To-Do-Dishes.jpg” layout=”hero”]What’s your favorite thing to cook in a foil pack? 


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7 thoughts on “9 Healthy Foil Packet Recipes For When You Don’t Want To Do Dishes”

  1. Well glad that’s all behind you (summer)! Great ideas happen when we least expect it – sorry laptop and oven top had to break – but with every action has a reaction and yours is fabulous! Love these foil pack dinners. Made and froze some up for our RVing trip(s).! Thank you for all your hard work and wonderful food recipes, ideas, and thoughts!

    • You can try parchment packets. They work great in the oven but should be ok on the grill too – just cook over indirect heat and keep an eye on them so they dont burn if they get nipped by a flame. They can handle pretty high heat though.

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