Farro Risotto with Roast Mushrooms 1

Farro Risotto with Roast Mushrooms

farro risotto with roast mushrooms from healthy-delicious.com

Do you ever have one of those days where by the time you get home from work you’re so tired of thinking that the idea of cooking dinner seems like a form od cruel and unusual punishment? (Please tell me it isn’t just me!) I’ve been having a lot of those lately, which is why there was a full week between the time I bought the ingredients to make this farro risotto with roasted mushrooms to the time that I actually made it. 

Of course, once I did make it, I regretted waiting so long. The recipe is so simple and requires almost no thought at all. And those roast mushrooms… have you ever had roast mushrooms? They might just be the things that dreams are made of. The flavor gets concentrated in the oven, making them super earthy and woodsy. They add so much flavor to the risotto that you hardly need to add anything else at all! (Of course there isn’t much that can’t be improved by topping it with a poached egg!)

Savory Oat Pilaf 2

Savory Oat Pilaf

I was scrolling through my photo archives the other day and came across these photos of savory oat pilaf. I can’t believe I have’t posted about it yet!

I know savory oats may sound a little weird but trust me on this one, ok? Because this is some seriously good comfort food. And I promise they don’t taste like breakfast oats at all. I wasn’t sure myself how this experiment would turn out, but I’m completely hooked!

Baked Risotto with Sausage and Kale 3

Baked Risotto with Sausage and Kale

The man who works in the parking garage near my office was in a particularly bad mood this morning. I can’t say that I blamed him. Saturday’s warm sun had gone away, and cold rain settled in. The air was heavy and damp and everything looked gloomy. As he watched person after person head into their toasty warm offices filled with friendly colleagues, he was stuck sitting alone in his little booth (that is, until he had to come out in the rain to deal with my permit issues). On top of all that, it was Monday. I wished that had some of this hearty sausage and kale risotto to share with him – with it’s stick-to-your-ribs warmth, it would have been sure to cheer him up. I could have used some myself.

Bacon & Kale Risotto with a Fried Egg... For One 4

Bacon & Kale Risotto with a Fried Egg… For One

This recipe is part of my new Cooking for One series. On the first Sunday/Monday of each month, I’ll post a simple yet satisfying meal that is perfectly portioned for people cooking for themselves.

Risotto is Shawn’s favorite, but I cook it for myself from time to time as well. It may seem like a fussy dish, but if you use a pan with plenty of surface area, a single-sized portion cools up in no time.

The last few weeks have been cold and damp, and I’ve been craving comfort food. I came up with this recipe one rainy night when I hadn’t been to the grocery store and didn’t feel like leaving the house..Luckily, I know that as long as I have risotto rice in the cabinet, a satisfying meal is never far away!