Kimchi + Kale Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice from

This Kimchi fried rice is comfort food at it’s best. It’s the perfect combination of starchy rice, spicy chili paste, and sour kimchi. Throw in a little kale for good measure and top it off with a runny, sunny-side up egg – what more can you ask for?

If you think ahead and cook your rice the night before (or make extra to go along with another meal earlier in the week), this meals comes together in no time. 15-20 minutes, tops. It’s also pretty hard to mess up… fried rice tends to be pretty forgiving! I like mine extra spicy and with tons of kimchi – a 1:1 ratio with the rice – but you can tweak it to our own liking.

Skinny Coconut Shrimp {with Pina Colada Sauce!}



A few weeks ago, Shawn and I went to Red Lobster to grab a quick dinner before we saw a movie. I spent all day thinking about how excited I was to get the coconut shrimp, which I haven’t eaten in years. Then we got there and I looked at the menu. 880 calories before you even start thinking about sides? I don’t think so!

I ended up getting the garlic-grilled shrimp, which were a much more reasonable 370 calories (and were really tasty – I recommend them!) but I couldn’t get those coconut shrimp out of my head. So I made them myself. And healthified them, of course.

{SRC} Chicken + Corn Chowder

healthy-delicious_chicken corn chowder

healthy-delicious_chicken corn chowder textFor this month’s Secret Recipe Club, I was paired with Jenn from A Cook’s Quest. Jenn was assigned to my blog a few months ago (she made my jalapeno popper mac and cheese), so I was especially excited to have the opportunity to try one of her recipes! Jenn has tons of family-friendly recipes that look really tasty, and it was difficult to decide what to make. I eventually settled on this chicken and corn chowder, which is perfect for the cold, rainy weather that we’ve been having. Even better, it’s made in a crockpot – perfect for a weeknight.

Entertaining Giveaway from Land O’Lakes

healthy-delicious_entertaining giveaway

A few weeks ago, Land O’Lakes invited me to participate in a webinar about their recipe development process and entertaining tips. Unfortunately, the webinar was held during the day when I was at work and I wasn’t able to attend the live event. They were nice enough to send me a recording though, so I was able to watch it later. I finally […]

Moroccan Spiced Carrot Hummus

healthy-delicious_carrot hummus-3


A few months ago, carrot hummus seemed to be everywhere. It intrigued me, but it stayed on my “things to make” list for far too long. Even after thoroughly enjoying it as an appetizer at one of my favorite restaurants and exclaiming that I really needed to make it at home… I just never got around to it.

But I went back a few weeks ago, and the menu had changed with the seasons. No more carrot hummus. What a tragedy! It all turned out for the best though, because I was finally forced to take matters into my own hands and make it myself. Now I’m kicking myself for waiting so long. It’s cheap, only takes a few minutes to make, and is the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

Tequila-Lime Sugar Cookies

healthy-delicious_heart cookies


Mardi Gras + Valentine’s Day in the same week = booze-y Valentine’s treats, y’all!

I was having too much fun baking the other day , so I decided to make some tequila-lime hearts to go along with my double-chocolate + red wine cookies. Because the only thing better than a glass of wine is a margarita, right? You just know it’s going to be a good day in the kitchen when you’re breaking out the tequila at 10am.

In the end, I couldn’t pick a favorite between the two recipes. They’re both so good, and so different from each other. Where the chocolate cookies were rich and decadent, these sugar cookies are tart and cooling.