Lentil and Strawberry Salad with Pepper-Crusted Tuna


When strawberries are in season, I just can’t get enough. Which is probably why my mind immediately went to them as I was dreaming up lentil recipes last weekend. I hesitated for a second, then added the ingredients to my list.
I’ll admit that I was a little apprehensive about how my strawberry and lentil salad with peppered tuna would come out. All of the ingredients seemed like they would work — strawberries, basil, black, pepper and balsamic vinegar are all amazing together — but I couldn’t help worry that the final dish would be a dud. I worried that it would be bland. Boring. Imagining final dish made me drool, but I worried that I wouldn’t be able to translate it into an edible dinner.
I shouldn’t have worried. This dish surpassed even my wildest dreams. Bursting with flavor, it was anything but boring. I couldn’t help but smile as I ate — this meal could easily have made an appearance on a menu at the best restaurant in town. I had seconds of the salad. Shawn had seconds of the salad (which is saying a lot, considering it was undeniably healthy).
I always tell people not to be intimidated by cooking, that if something sounds good it probably will be. And that if it’s not, the worst that will happen is that they’ll end up throwing it out and ordering take-out. That anyone can cook food that is healthy and delicious. I guess I need to take my own advice.
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