Avocado-Kiwi Salsa with Scallops and Quinoa

scallops with kiwi salsa

Like the tuna tartare that I posted the other day, this is a recipe that is very simple to make and requires little more than chopping the ingredients. I really like the unexpected use of kiwi in the salsa – it lends a nice but unexpected citrus flavor to the dish. It also pairs with the jalapeno surprisingly well.[….]

Springtime Risotto with Porcini, Ramps, and Asparagus

One thing I love about risotto is that just about anything tastes good in it, so it can be very seasonal. I used some nice spring asparagus and ramps in this. Unfortunately, I can never find a good selection of mushrooms here so I didn’t have many options. The dried porcinis were perfect though- they added a nice heartiness to the dish, and I used some of the broth from rehydrating them to flavor the rice.