Refreshing Watermelon Cocktail

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Refreshing Watermelon Cocktail 1

Have you ever thought to juice a watermelon? Me either. I’m going to be honest here – I actually hate watermelon. I always have. Which is a shame, considering they always feature so prominently at summertime events. It’s more that I dislike the texture than the flavor though, so when I started seeing all sorts of watermelon drinks popping up lately, I knew that I would have to give them a try.

I’m glad that I did, because these were so good! Very refreshing and just the slightest bit sweet. The lime in the drink makes them resemble a margarita, so I used tequila in mine. If you don’t like tequila, I think vodka or rum would be just as good. They’re also delicious without any alcohol. I have a feeling I’ll be buying a lot of watermelons this summer!

Refreshing Watermelon Cocktail 2

Watermelon Cocktail

  • ½ seedless watermelon, cubed
  • ¼ c lemon simple syrup (see below)
  • juice of 3 limes
  • handful fresh mint
  • 1 cup tequila (optional)

Using a food processor of blender, puree watermelon until smooth. Strain to remove any seeds or lumps that may be there. Add lemon syrup, lime juice, and mint to a pitcher. Muddle the mint slightly with a spoon to release the flavor. Add the watermelon juice and tequila. Chill thoroughly.

Serves 8.

Lemon Simple Syrup

  • 1 c water
  • 1 c sugar
  • rind from 2 lemons, peeled into long strips

Bring all ingredients to a boil in a small saucepan. Continue to boil for 2 minutes after sugar has dissolved. Remove from heat and discard lemon rind. Store at room temperature.

Yield 1 cup.

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14 thoughts on “Refreshing Watermelon Cocktail”

  1. hahah my husband and I were JUST talking about how overrated watermelon is! Its delicious but not what everyone makes it out to be! This little drinky on the other hand…sounds very yum!

  2. Heather- I tried it before i added the alcohol and I didn’t find it to be overly sweet, but I bet some seltzer in it would be fantastic. 1 cup of tequila in the whole pitcher really isn’t very much- it’s pretty weak for an alcoholic drink. I drank them all night on the 4th and didn’t feel it at all.

  3. do you think it would be too sweet w/out any alcohol? what about mixing with seltzer to give it a little fizz?

  4. OMG that sounds so delish and I never would have thought of that either.. I am off to buy a watermelon after work to try this 🙂 Thanks for the tip


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