(Merry Christmas) Cappuccino Fudge Cheesecake

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So here’s the deal… I wasn’t going to post this cake. First, because I didn’t come up with the recipe or change it enough to consider it my own and, second, because of that obnoxious little “healthy” part of Healthy. Delicious. But then I decided that it would be mean of me not to share because oh my goodness this cheesecake was beyond ridiculous and is 100% my new favorite indulgence. My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures.


Three layers: a rich chocolate ganache spiked with kahluha, a fluffy, mousse-like layer of the most perfect cappuccino cheesecake ever, all topped with a cool, creamy layer of sweetened sour cream. It’s enough to turn even the staunchest of cheesecake and coffee haters into cappuccino cheesecake lovers. More than one person told me that it was the best cheesecake they’d ever had. It also got me a high-five.


The entire cake – all 16 slices – was devoured within about 5 minutes. I’m not even going to tell you how many calories was in each slice (believe me, you don’t want to know!) but it was worth every last one. It’s certainly not a cake to be baking on any old weekend, but for holidays? You can bet I’ll be making this one again! As should you! If you have any last minute holiday gatherings this week, I suggest running straight to the store to get what you nee to make this. It’ll be the hit of the night. And anyway, we all have another week before our diets start up again, right? 😉

You can find the recipe over at Smitten Kitchen. I followed Deb’s instructions almost exactly, except that I used dark molasses instead of light because it’s what I had and I baked it for about 30 minutes longer than she said to because it needed it. I also made her recipe for the cookies to make the crust. Which I highly recommend doing. Not so much because it makes the crust that much better, because you only need half the batch and they are also really, really good. So think of it as a bonus recipe!
Since I’m posting unhealthy things today anyway, I figured I might as well share some more pictures from Christmas. Starting with our traditional Christmas Eve lasagna. Shawn is in charge of this one, and I’ve been forbidden from posting the recipe. But it’s amazing, and there’s a reason we only eat it once a year. Basically follow your favorite lasagna recipe, but replace the ground beef with ground sausage and add pepperoni. Add tons of grated romano and the best fresh mozzarella you can find, and you’re good to go! You might want to eat this with a side of tums. I had mine with a salad to cut the richness (and that’s a small plate, not a huge piece of lasagna!).
The lasagna was followed by a cozy night in front of the fire opening presents with the dogs. I got a new camera lens, so once I get the hang of using it, hopefully you’ll see even better pictures here.



I hope everyone had a great holiday and is enjoying any time off from work that you might have! I promise I’ll be back soon with some recipes that are healthy and delicious to get your new year started off right! In the meantime, what are your favorite holiday food traditions?

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  1. I am loving your new lens Lauren. And thanks for posting this cheesecake 🙂 Delicious.

  2. I find your cheesecake absolutely qtunning!! Waw!!!

    MMMMMMMMMMMM,… A Happy new year !!

  3. Happy New Year! Your cheesecake is so irresistible, the second pic makes me drooling! I need to hop over for the recipe!


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