Chocolate Sorbet

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I took this recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, Chocolate &Zuchinni (see link at right). It was amazing. Very rich and delicious.Add to the fact that it’s naturally low in points, and the fact that the recipe only makes 4 servings, so even if you eat the whole thng you’re not too screwed and you pretty much have the perfect dessert. We topped our with some sweet cherries, that we pitted with our cherry pitter (best invention ever!! works for olives too!!). FOUR THUMBS UP.

Note: Make sure to really chop the chocolate finely- almost shave it.It needs to melt in the hot liquid, but wont be heated directly. I was impatient, and the sorbet ended up with a little bit of a grainy texture.

1 cup + 2T water
1/3 cup, packed unsweetened Dutch-process cocoa powder
1/2 cup sugar
3 ounces bittersweet chocolate (70% cocoa solids), chopped as finely as your patience allows
1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
A pinch of salt

Pre-freeze the bowl of your ice cream maker as instructed by the manufacturer.

In a medium saucepan, whisk together the water, cocoa powder, and sugar. Bring to a boil, whisking continually. Remove from heat, and add the chopped chocolate. Let rest for 30 seconds as the chocolate begins to melt, add the vanilla and salt, then stir until the chocolate is completely melted. Let cool on the counter, then refrigerate until chilled- about 15 inutes should suffice.

Whisk the mixture again just before using, and freeze using your ice cream maker.

Makes 4 servings. 2 Points each.

By on October 3rd, 2007

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