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Homemade Pineapple Soda Floats | Healthy-Delicious.com

Pineapple Soda Floats

Homemade Pineapple Soda Floats | Healthy-Delicious.com

Way back in March, the New York Times ran an article about Nora Ephron that contained a delicious description of her favorite pineapple milkshake. It sounded so absolutely amazing that I bought a can of pineapple the very next time I went to the store with big plan to make the milkshakes at home. I must have thought about them a million times, but that can of pineapple sat there until last week.

Milkshakes are heavy and rich and seem like they need a special occasion. And, honestly, all that dairy makes my stomach hurt. Not worth it.

Then I saw some ridiculously beautiful strawberry soda floats on Pinterest and I knew what I was going to do with that can of pineapple: make homemade pineapple soda to use in floats. Light and refreshing, these pineapple soda floats are the perfect way to say goodbye to summer. (Or do what I plan to to and drink them all fall, in complete denial that summer is over.)

Cucumber-Basil Spritzers 2

Creamy Avocado Smoothies

I’ve hinted at it here and said it without saying it there, but since the beginning of the year I’ve been working on a lot of fun, recipe related projects. The biggest one is that I’ve been working with General Mills as the newest blogger for their healthy recipe site, Eat Better America. Since January, I’ve been sending them about one new recipe a week. Then I sit back and wait, and wait, and wait fo them to be published. The have a pretty intense editorial calendar and I knew going into it that there would be a long delay before my recipes went up – I was making “spring” themed recipes in February – but it was still hard to be patient.

Well, my first post is finally up – a green smoothie just in time for Earth Week! This isn’t your typical green smoothie though. I left the spinach and kale in my salads where they belong, and added an avocado instead.

Cucumber-Basil Spritzers 3

Gingerbread Café au Lait

I had to laugh when I found out that Calphalon was sponsoring this month’s Kitchen Play event and wanted me to make a drink recipe using their 12 cup quick-brew coffeepot. As I’ve discussed on this blog before, I’m a pretty serious coffee fanatic – if there’s one kitchen appliance that I’m familiar with, its a coffeemaker. (Looking around my kitchen, I can count at least 6 different ways to make a cup of coffee!)

Once the laughter subsided, I turned to panic. They wanted me to make a drink. With coffee. How on earth was I going to turn that into a recipe worth posting here?

{Tazo Cookoff} Iced Ginger Tea with Honey-Macerated Fruit


For the third and final week of the Tazo Cookoff, I faced a bit of a dilemma: the pears that I had been presented to use in my recipe weren’t as ripe as I would have liked them to be. They would have been fine in a few days, but I was headed out of town and only had one night to get my recipe done. To make matters worse, the only thing I felt like eating was a sandwich — which put a quick end to my idea of poaching the pears in tea and making them into a chutney to eat with lamb chops and polenta (I mean, I like to cook, but I’m not about to make something like that when I’d be happier with a simple panini!)

As I tried to think of ways to incorporate the tea and pears into my sandwich or a side dish, I remembered the sangria-like iced tea that I had at Radiance Tea and Bookstore this spring. It seemed like the perfect accompaniment to my sandwich as well as a great way to use up some other fruit before I headed out of town.

The resulting tea was a nice change of pace from my standard unsweetened black tea, and I plan to make it again often. I especially loved the way that the ginger flavor infused the fruit — it was unexpected and extremely refreshing. Eating the fruit at the bottom of the glass was just as much of a treat as drinking the tea!



This is your final chance to win a great Tazo gift pack including a one year supply of tea and a selection of tea-brewing essentials! You’ll be entered one time for every comment you leave on one of my Tazo recipes. This is recipe # 3 of 3. Previous recipes included

Vanilla Rooibos Quinoa Pudding with Cherry & Pistachio and

Tea-smoked Salmon with Lavender and Honey Glaze. On September 1, I’ll randomly pick a winner from all of the comments left on those three recipes. (Only commenters with valid US addresses are eligible to win) Every comment you leave will also help me win a $1,000 gift card to Williams Sonoma.

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