35+ Amazing Healthy Muffin and Quick Bread Recipes

New York Style Bagels, Anywhere!


What could be better than waking up to a Christmas morning breakfast of homemade bagels (with smoked salmon and cream cheese)? Not much if you ask me!

If you’ve ever had a bagel from New York City, you know that they are’t anything like the bagels that you can get at the grocery store or at chain bagel bakeries. My grandparents used to bring bagels from NYC with them when they would come visit, and it was always a huge production. The bagels weren’t bready. Instead, a crispy outer crust encases a soft, chewy center. I’ve been able to find a few good approximations at independent bagel bakeries in other cities (DC has a good one; Albany, sadly, does not), but now… I can make them at home. And so can you!

I know what you’re thinking – but I promise that these are a lot easier to make than you (or I!) would ever imagine. You can make them on a lazy afternoon with simple ingredients that you likely have on hand. And once you have a bite of one, you’ll be hooked. Trust me. [….]

Cranberry Scones

Scones might seem intimidating, but I think they’re really one of the easiest things to make. Even easier than cookies! They also don’t require any fancy ingredients, so I almost always have what I need to whip up a batch. [….]