with cream on top….

The food gods were laughing at me today. Since I still hadn’t been to the grocery store (that’ll teach me to go away for a weekend!) I had absolutely nothing to bring for lunch today. I went down to the cafeteria and, while standing on line, I heard some staff arguing about whether something one of them was holding expired last August or if it was good until 2045. They decided it was good. Um, really? I say “if in doubt, throw it out!!” And what on Earth could possibly last until 2045? Nothing I’d want to eat!! Needless to say, I won’t be eating there anymore!

Then I got off work at 5 (I know! I can’t believe it either!) and I was so excited that I was going to get to cook. I had this really nice idea for a pork schnitzel that I was going to make. But I was out of eggs, and had nothing else I could use to adhere my breading to the chops. And since I had absolutely nothing else in the house, we went out. One order of braised lamb tacos and two pinot noirs later, I finally had my first decent meal of the day.

So. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about strawberry shortcake! I wanted something sweet but light, and since I was picking up strawberries for tomorrow’s dinner (It’ll be good- I promise! AND I have all the ingredients now!) I decided a simple strawberry shortcake was the way to go. This is a cheater’s shortcake. I didn’t have time/ energy to bake cakes, and I didn’t want to go the sponge cake route. So I used chessmen cookies. These are pretty much the best cookies ever, and they go perfectly with berries. I also used low fat cool whip. Sue me. I at least doctored it up a little. This was really easy and light, and totally hit the spot.

  • 4 large strawberries, sliced
  • pinch of sugar
  • 4 mint leaves, chopped
  • 2 T cool whip, or other whipped cream
  • splash vanilla
  • 2 chessmen cookies

Sprinkle the strawberries with sugar and set aside to mascerate for at least 10.  minutes. Stir mint into strawberries. Genly mix vanilla into cool whip.  Arrange cokies on a plate. Top with strawberries and cool whip. Garnish with a mint spring.