I know, this post is a total cop out. But I didn’t plan well for this week, and I had nothing to cook tonight. So we ordered in- eggplant parmasean subs. They were pretty good. We also got calamari, which wasn’t very good. It was rubbery and very fishy. Blech.

Anyway, if you remember last week I posted about tuna with strawberries. I had a little left over, so I decided to make rolls for lunch the next day. I think I liked it better rolled. It would have been perfect with a little tobiko.

This week was the final weigh in for the Biggest Loser challenge that we did at work, and I made it back ot my goal weight! Perfect timing,  right? I didn’t win (one guy lost like 20% of his body weight…I couldn’t lose that much if I wanted to!) but I was pretty excited anyway. Now, to not gain it back again like I always do….