Biscoff-Swirled Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

blueberry cheesecake frozen yogurt with a Biscoff swirl

Blueberry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt with a Biscoff Swirl. Go big or go home, right? Summer is winding down and soon enough it will be time for warm apple pie and cozy slippers. While that sounds really good, I’m also determined to make the most of the nice weather while it’s still here. And believe me, […]

Baked Summer Vegetable Taquitos

Baked Summer Vegetable Taquitos | Healthy. Delicious

Baked Summer Vegetable Taquitos | Healthy. Delicious

Baked taquitos are one of my absolute favorite things to make – and eat! Roll just about anything into a tortilla (chicken and spinach? buffalo chicken?), add a little cheese, and bake it until it’s crisp and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be awesome.

These summer vegetable taquitos are my favorite version yet, and I’m so excited that I can finally share them with you! It’s perfect timing, too: summer product is at its peak right now, and these really take advantage of all those vegetables and highlight it in a new way.

Plus, if you’re up to your ears in zucchini, this will take two of them off your hards. That’s right – no need for zucchini bread this week!

(You can also adjust the filling based on whatever vegetables are in season. In the winter, try substituting mushroom and kale for the zucchini and spinach.)

Strawberry Mojito “Fried” Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry Mojito "Fried" Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry Mojito "Fried" Ice Cream



Have you ever had fried ice cream? You can sometimes find it at Mexican or Chinese restaurants and it’s a real treat, with a cool, creamy core of ice cream surrounded by a crispy cornflake crust. Until about a month ago I had no idea that fried ice cream was actually fried. I always figured they just toasted up the outside with a torch or something. Anyway, I was doing some research after being asked to create a healthy new dessert recipe featuring Yoplait’s new frozen yogurts and, well, what do you know?

Ultimately, I decided that frozen yogurt + hot oil didn’t sound like the safest idea but I was set on the idea of creating a fried frozen yogurt treat. I started by mixing strawberry frozen yogurt with pistachios and mint. Then, instead of frying it in sugary cereal, I rolled it in graham cracker crumbs that I toasted on top of the stove. The result is a light, fresh dessert that’s perfect on a warm summer night.

Grilled Fish Tacos with Spicy Pickled Onions

Grilled FIsh Tacos with Spicy Pickled Onions | Healthy. Delicious.

Grilled FIsh Tacos with Spicy Pickled Onions | Healthy. Delicious.

I still remember the first time I ate fish tacos, way back when I lived in DC. I had seen them in an advertisement and decided that I absolutely had to have them for lunch. I walked about three-quarters of a mile (in heels!) to the place that had them and put in my order. After waiting for what felt like forever, I was presented with greasy fried fish in gummy tortillas. So disappointing. Totally not worth the achy feet (or the $10).

Thankfully, that was several years ago so I’ve had lots of time to perfect my own recipe. These tacos are nothing like those other ones. Instead of being heavy and greasy, they’re light and fresh. The fish is marinated in a mix of citrus juices and spices and then grilled. Stuff that into some grilled flour tortillas and top it with spicy pickled onions (one of my favorite condiments ever) and salsa verde for a simple, fresh meal that reminds me of the beach.

Roasted Peach Muffins with Cinnamon Streusel



The peaches this summer have been amazing. From eating them out of hand as a snack to grilling them and putting them on top of salad, I can’t get enough! Unfortunately, sometimes I go overboard and buy way more than I can possibly eat. I had a few that were starting to get a little too soft and bruised, so I decided to roast them and bake them into muffins crowned with crispy cinnamon streusel. They taste like everything good about summer, all baked up into a neat little package.

And they just might be the best muffins I’ve ever made.

Hot Italian Giardiniera for #SundaySupper

Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich

Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich