Provencal Seafood Stew #SundaySupper

Provencal Seafood Stew | @HealthyDelish

A satisfying seafood stew based on the sunny flavors of Provence, France. The #SundaySupper movement is turning 2 and this week we’re celebrating with a virtual birthday party! I only started participating in early 2013, but it’s one of my favorite blogging events – and has inspired a lot of my favorite recipes. I really […]

{#PepperParty} Quiche Provencale

quiche provencale |

quiche provencale |  quiche provencale |

We’re having a Pepper Party, and you’re invited! A few of my blogger friends and I have teamed up with Divemex this week to celebrate all things bell pepper (and give away some amazing prizes). Bell peppers are one of my favorite items on a vegetable platter, but I rarely think to plan a meal around them so I was excited to have an excuse to think up some fun new recipes.

Ratatouille Crêpes for #SundaySupper

roasted ratatouille crepes

roasted ratatouille crepes

Salmon in a Jar (#SundaySupper)

salmon in a jar-1

salmon in a jar-2

Crispy Duck with Orange-Fennel Slaw

duck with orange fennel slaw-2

duck with orange fennel slaw-2

Duck has a little bit of a bad reputation. People think it’s fatty, greasy, and finicky to cook. With a little know-how and understanding of the cooking process though, it’s a great protein choice with tons of flavor. And – according to the self nutrition database - it only has about 2 calories more per ounce than chicken!

This recipe is adapted from one of my favorite cookbooks, The French Market: More Recipes from My French Kitchen. I picked the book up randomly one summer in a local bookshop, and it quickly became one of my favorites. The recipes are filled with fresh ingredients inspired by the French countryside.

Garbure & A Ridiculously Delicious Challenge



Garbure is a ridiculous soup with an even more ridiculous name. It’s also one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. With a half pound of proscuitto (and a smidge of bacon fat for good measure), how could it not be? Don’t worry though, in addition to all that porky goodness there’s enough healthy stuff to land this soup solidly in the “good choices” category of eating. Which is a good thing, considering if you’re anything like me you’ll be licking your bowl clean.

Proscuitto makes a great quick stock with subtle floral notes and reminds me of spring even as we dig ourselves out from under what must be the 50th snowstorm this winter, while a potato and some white beans cook down and let off so much creamy starch that its hard to believe that there’s no milk or cream in the recipe. Topped with blue cheese crumbles that take the flavor of this soup through the roof, this dish is rich, comforting, and filling.

I usually get tired of soup before I can finish all of the leftovers, but I ate every last drop of this and still wanted more. It’s a good thing it’s cheap an easy to make!