Gourmet Grilled Cheese with Jalapeno Jelly

Gourmet Grilled Cheese with Jalapeno Jelly | Healthy. Delicious.

Jalapeno Jelly | Healthy. Delicious. Gourmet Grilled Cheese with Jalapeno Jelly | Healthy. Delicious.

A few weeks ago I went out for dinner with every intention of ordering my favorite burger in the city… but for some reason, the grilled cheese kept calling me. It pained me to order it (I’m kind of ridiculously picky about ground beef, so I don’t get to order burgers very often) but I’m so glad that I did. It was seriously the best grilled cheese I’ve had in my entire life! And I’ve eaten a lot of grilled cheese.

Obviously I had to recreate it at home the first chance I got.

Hot Italian Giardiniera for #SundaySupper

Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich

Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwich

Ratatouille Crêpes for #SundaySupper

roasted ratatouille crepes

roasted ratatouille crepes

Smokey Chipotle, Lentil, and Cauliflower Burgers

chipotle veggie burger

chipotle veggie burger
I’ve been really lazy about cooking lately. I just haven’t felt like putting together a weekly plan or going grocery shopping… and without a plan, any chance of me cooking goes right out the window. We were both getting kind of cranky about it, so a few weeks ago I promised Shawn that I would actually cook the next day. Of course, I had no inspiration. So I did what any 20-something (err… 30-something) would do – I turned to Pinterest. It’s such a great resource for keeping things organized! I had pinned these gorgeous lentil cauliflower burgers to my “to make” board at some point, and the second I saw them on there I knew what we were having for dinner.

Spinach and Artichoke Grilled Cheese


spinach and artichoke grilled cheese

Is spinach and artichoke dip still a thing? I feel like it was all the rage when I was in college (*cough* ten years ago *cough*) but it’s since taken a back seat to other, less indulgent dips… like hummus. Please tell me that I’ve just been living under a healthy-eating rock for the last few years and spinach and artichoke dip is still around? If not, let’s make a vow to bring it back. In the form of grilled cheese.

As you may know, April is National Grilled Cheese Month. Land O Lakes and Kitchen PLAY joined together to celebrate, with an event they’re calling “30 Days of Grilled Cheese.” And the asked me to play along! Yay!

Italian Chicken Panini {In a Waffle Iron!}

How to make Panini in a Waffl Iron

chicken panini_healthy-delicious-3

Remember when I made Asian Calamari Salad and I wrote about how it was more of a concept than a recipe? This is sort of like that. Sure, I’ll give you a recipe for an insanely good Italian chicken panini. But that’s not really the point. The point is that YOU CAN MAKE A PANINI IN YOUR WAFFLE IRON. I mean, what?! Is your mind as blown by that as mine was?

I saw the idea in last month’s issue of Rachael Ray’s magazine and I just had to try it right away. It’s kind of brilliant.