Chocolate Pudding Pie Cookie Cups

Chocolate Pudding Pie Cookie Cups |

Chocolate Pudding Pie Cookie Cups |

Way back this spring, I was asked to create a few recipes using some new Betty Crocker/Hershey’s mixes. I’ve been waiting pretty impatiently to be able to share them with you. Do you know how terrible it is to make something this good but have to keep the recipe to myself for months? Almost as bad as waiting for the mixes to start appearing on store shelves so I can make them again myself. They’re out now though, so phew!

Because these cookies? It’s honestly a little embarrassing how quickly the two of us polished off the whole batch. I’m not sure they even lasted 24 hours.

Oatmeal Cookies with Tea + Honey Buttercream

oatmeal cookies with tea and honey buttercream | Healthy. Delicious.

oatmeal cookies with tea and honey buttercream | Healthy. Delicious.  tea and honey buttercream

We had a dark, rainy day earlier this week that left me wanting nothing more than to curl up with a big mug of tea and honey. There’s something so cozy and comforting about those flavors together. I’m not quite ready to make the switch back to warm beverages though – I’m still firmly in summer mode – so I came home and whipped up this light, fluffy buttercream instead.

Tea and honey buttercream. I’m not sure why it’s taken me 30 years to come up with that idea, but it’s DELICIOUS! I sandwiches mine between oatmeal cookies that came in my last shipment from Walkers (how cute are those little minis?!) for the perfect little sweet bites.

Sweet N Salty Cookies

sweet and salty cookies

sweet and salty cookies.

Perfect Pairings: Pistachio + White Chocolate Biscotti

pistachio and white chocolate biscotti from

pistachio and white chocolate biscotti from
Hot and Sour. Sweet and Salty. Creamy and Crunchy.

I spend a lot of time thinking about various flavors and textures and how they’ll work together. Cooking is a lot like art: colors that are next to each other are pretty and soothing; flavors that are close to each other work together, but can be bland. Contrasting colors (across from each other on the wheel) give a big intense, impact; contrasting flavors give a recipe its “wow factor.”  It’s why bacon goes so well with chocolate and pineapple’s so delicious in spicy curry.

Pink Lemonade Cookies {No Food Coloring or Mix!}

Pink Lemonade Cookies from

Pink Lemonade Cookies from
I had a recipe all planned out to share with you today. I was so excited to share it, but then these pink lemonade cookies happened. You guys, these are insane. They very well might be the very best cookies I’ve ever made. I literally took one bite and started dancing all over my house. I couldn’t stand to have them not be the very next thing that I shared here. You need them in your life.

Tequila-Lime Sugar Cookies

healthy-delicious_heart cookies


Mardi Gras + Valentine’s Day in the same week = booze-y Valentine’s treats, y’all!

I was having too much fun baking the other day , so I decided to make some tequila-lime hearts to go along with my double-chocolate + red wine cookies. Because the only thing better than a glass of wine is a margarita, right? You just know it’s going to be a good day in the kitchen when you’re breaking out the tequila at 10am.

In the end, I couldn’t pick a favorite between the two recipes. They’re both so good, and so different from each other. Where the chocolate cookies were rich and decadent, these sugar cookies are tart and cooling.