Rum Buns + Gingerbread Hot Chocolate


   I have another two-fer for you today: fresh baked buns stuffed with rum-soaked raisins and scented with orange peel AND spiked gingerbread hot chocolate that will help warm you up on the chilliest winter nights. Start Christmas morning with a bun, finish it off with a hot chocolate, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to […]

Mushroom + Parmesan Pinwheels

mushroom pinwheels by @HealthyDelish

These delicious mushroom pinwheels are so easy to make! They’re delicious as a side dish with soup or eaten as a snack or appetizer.

Roasted Peach Muffins with Cinnamon Streusel



The peaches this summer have been amazing. From eating them out of hand as a snack to grilling them and putting them on top of salad, I can’t get enough! Unfortunately, sometimes I go overboard and buy way more than I can possibly eat. I had a few that were starting to get a little too soft and bruised, so I decided to roast them and bake them into muffins crowned with crispy cinnamon streusel. They taste like everything good about summer, all baked up into a neat little package.

And they just might be the best muffins I’ve ever made.

{Fat Free!} Golden Squash Biscuits

fat free butternut squash biscuits from

fat free butternut squash biscuits from

The first time I made these biscuits, this past fall, they were kind of a fluke. I was working on a freelance assignment about sneaking extra vegetables into food and I ended up with some pureed squash left over at the end of the day. I decided to use it in place of the butter in my favorite baking soda biscuit recipe, just to see if it would work, and was surprised to find that it was my favorite recipe of the day!

Bakery Style Raspberry-Chocolate Chip Muffins

healthy-delicious_bakery style raspberry chocolate muffins

healthy-delicious_bakery style muffins
I’ve had it with puny little homemade muffins that take 2 bites to eat. When I want a muffin, I want an oversized bakery-style treat that’s soft and fluffy with a big, golden brown top – and I want to eat it for breakfast without feeling guilty. These raspberry-chocolate chip muffins definitely fit the bill. They’re stuffed with all sorts of good stuff like fresh berries, dark chocolate, oats, and tangy Greek yogurt, and crowned with delicious streusel.

Easy Grissini Two Ways: Bacon Wrapped + Rosemary Parmesan

bacon wrapped grissini

Grissini – thin, crispy Italian breadsticks – make a great holiday appetizer. They’re cheap and easy to make and are always a crowd please – especially when they’re wrapped with candied bacon! They have a great crunch and are a nice contrast to other appetizers, which tend to be heavier and more filling. You can […]