German Pork and Red Cabbage Sandwiches


Today, I’m guest blogging on ALDI’s Simply Smarter living blog, where I’m sharing my recipe for German Pork and Red Cabbage Sandwiches.

When ALDI first asked me if I was interested in creating some healthy recipes for their collection, I was hesitant. They have a store about 10 minutes from my office, but I hadn’t been there in years and I honestly had no idea what to expect. Knowing that they have a reputation for being cheap, I assumed finding healthy options would be a challenge. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of items I found there – from a pretty great selection of fresh produce to whole grain and organic grocery items. They even had my favorite coconut milk (for about half what I normally pay!).

One of the recipes I came up with was for these German Pork and Red Cabbage Sandwiches. They’re inspired by Weiner Schnitzel, but instead of using bread crumbs I used couscous! (It’s hit or miss, but ALDI sometimes has whole wheat couscous that’s wonderful. Original couscous also works though and is more readily available.) The crispy breaded pork is delicious on it’s own with a little fresh lemon juice, but we also loved them served on whole wheat sandwich thins and piled high with red cabbage (too much is never enough!) and crunchy apple slices. These sandwiches are a great weeknight option, too – if you make the couscous the night before, they can be on your dinner table in 15 minutes flat!

Check out ALDI’s Simply Smarter Living Blog to get my recipe for German Pork and Red Cabbage Sandwiches.

German Pork and Red Cabbage Sandwiches // @HealthyDelish


  1. Thanks for the great healthy meal idea! I’m trying to be “good” and cook better meals lately :)

  2. Sounds like a quick healthy meal. I’m always in need of that. Heading over to check it out!

  3. Sometimes I have trouble creating something new… but you’ve totally done it here!! Love, love love the dish, and I Aldi is indeed lucky to have you!

  4. What a great looking sandwich!

  5. very nice!

  6. Those sandwiches look gorgeous!

  7. OMG I love this! You have no idea the weird love I have for red cabbage :)

  8. I think my hubby and mother would probably fight over this meal! There surely wouldn’t be leftovers.

  9. My dad would LOVE this, he’s a German food fanatic!

  10. I have yet walked into an Aldi. Closest one I know of is a county away but I’ve heard lots of great things about this place. PS: your sandwich looks incredible!

  11. YAY for Pork! AND YAY for red cabbage! Your sandwich looks amazing! I love the use of couscous instead of bread crumbs here! Genius!

  12. That looks like one terrific sandwich!

  13. Being Canadian I’ve never been in one of their stores. I have heard such amazing things about it. Hoping to find one while travelling in September.

    Love these sandwiches, the cabbage just sets it off perfectly.

  14. Loving the cabbage on this!! Craving!

  15. Reminds me of my grandma… which is always good because I loved her and she made the best German food!

  16. What a colorful sandwich! I’ve never used cabbage this way, I bet it was great.

  17. What a great way to use cabbage! Ready for lunch!

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