{SRC} Chicken with Potatoes, Bacon & Chard

chicken bacon potatoes-2


This post is going to be short and sweet. I’m actually typing it in the car while we drive to DC for a wedding and it’s kind of hard to see the screen with the sun in my face! (That’s what I get for leaving this month’s Secret Recipe Club post until the last minute… again.)

This month, I was assigned to cook something from K&K Test Kitchen. The blog is the joint effort of 20-something Kelsey and her mother, Kim. Such a fun idea, right?! I love it. They have a lot of really great, easy to make recipes – and a series devoted to making 5 meals with less than $50! I picked this recipe for chicken with potatoes, bacon, and chard because it’s light and clean (did I mention that I’m in the wedding that I’m headed to? And that my dress takes uh… a little bit of a struggle to zip? Whoops!) but they also have a recipe for apricot scones that’s totally caling my name. I’ll be making those next week, for sure.

Fresh Strawberries and Cream Cake

strawberry cake-2

It’s spring, the weather is gorgeous, and strawberries have started to make an appearance at the farmer’s market … what more can you ask for?

The first week that strawberries are really good might be the happiest that I am all year. In season strawberries can’t even compare to the pale, bitter berries that are available the rest of the year. Just follow your nose – if they’re ready, you’ll be able to smell them even before you see where they are in the store or at the market. Their scent is so intoxicating that it makes me giddy, and I buy them by the basket full. I just can’t help myself!

Once I’ve eaten way more than my fill, I make this cake. I’ve been making it for a few years now, an it’s absolutely delightful. It’s light and fluffy and had the perfect strawberry milkshake-like flavor. Go ahead and add plenty of colorful sprinkles – a cake this good is worthy of a celebration.

Chicken and Spinach Shells with Feta Sauce

chicken spinach feta shells-2

Roasting chicken has become my latest Sunday tradition. Ever since I made one with lemon and za’atar a few weeks ago, I’ve been hooked! Unfortunatly, while I love the whole chicken/starch/vegetable meal the first night I don’t really love it as leftovers. Salads get boring, so I’ve been trying to come up with new ways to use leftover roast chicken. (Although it is tempting to just make flautas every. single. time.)

I’ve been meaning to make stuffed shells with cream sauce for a while now… I think I saw a picture when I was flipping through an issue of Everyday Food back in February, and I haven’t been able to get the idea out of my head. Well, I finally got around to making them and all I can say if oh my god these are delicious!

Grapefruit-Thyme Curd

grapefruit thyme curd-2

The other night, the students in the food writing class that I’m taking were asked to sit for 2 minutes and jot down every word, phrase, or image that came to mind when the instructor said the word “lemon.” Go ahead and think about it for a second – what does your list look like?
The last line that I wrote was “Summer. Sun. Happy.” I suspect your list looks similar. It’s nearly impossible not to smile when there’s citrus around!
This bittersweet grapefruit curd is guaranteed to put a summertime smile on your face even on the rainiest spring day. Spread it on an English muffin or scone, stuff it inside crepes dusted with powdered sugar, or use it as a filling in miniature tarts – it’s even delicious stirred into vanilla yogurt.

Greek Pasta with Feta and Shrimp

greek pasta with shrimp-3

Lipman Produce recently asked eleven bloggers to create a recipe for their new consumer web site, Lipman Kitchen. Lipman is a family-owned company that’s been around since the 1930’s but, until now, their tomatoes never had a “brand” associated with them. They’re actually North America’s largest growers of field tomatoes, so there’s a good chance that you’ve eaten their tomatoes without knowing it!

It’s funny, but other than looking to see if produce at the grocery store is local or not, I’ve never really considered where it comes from or who grew it. It never occurred to me that all of the tomatoes on the shelf might not have come from the same place (unlike say, in the meat section where I know the pork all comes from the same major producer unless the label indicates otherwise). Now, with their consumer launch, Lipman tomatoes in the Northeast and in South Florida will be identified with signs, stickers, and packaging. While I’m not sure how I feel about branding produce, I like that it made me think about where it comes from.

Organic Gardening in the Backyard

whitney farms-2-2

I try to find the time to plant a garden every year. It's hard, since May and June seem to fly by before I can blink, but garden-fresh vegetables really taste a million times better than the ones from the grocery store and the farmer's market can be kind of expensive (plus, well, I don't always feel like waking up that early on Saturday morning!

This year, we had a beautiful spell of weather in the beginning of April that got me thinking about this year's garden early. For once, I finally feel prepared!