Review: Marzetti Simply Dressed Refrigerated Salad Dressing

simply dressed

It’s a new month (seriously, can anyone believe its December already?!) and I have a few new and exciting projects up my sleeve. The first is that I’ve been asked to be a “spokesblogger” for Marzetti Simply Dressed salad dressings! 

Throughout the month of December, in addition to my regular posts, I’ll be featuring a few quick and easy recipes that I created featuring these dressings. At the end of the month, there will be a fabulous giveaway that will allow two of you to try the dressing out for yourself.

Honey-Bourbon Pulled Chicken

honey bourbon pulled chicken-2

Between the Three Bean Chili I made the other day and this Honey-Bourbon Pulled Chicken, I can already tell that my slow cooker is going to get a work out this winter. I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to fall in love with it – it’s so easy and I love having dinner ready and waiting for me when I get home at night.

To make this recipe even easier, you can throw all of the ingredients together in a tupperware container the night before you want to eat it. That way, it only takes about 30 seconds to set up in the morning before work.

Crispy Duck with Star Anise and Squash

duck with star anis and squash-2

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of buying ducks at the local Asian market. They’re super cheap and, although it takes a little bit of butchering, I end up with plenty of meat and a big pot of stock all for around $10. Compare that to the $6 per tiny confit leg that the regular grocery store charges, and you’ll see that it’s a pretty good bargain! I was cleaning out the freezer the other day when I found a few legs that I had forgotten about. This recipe, inspired by Fine Cooking and by the apple cider braised chicken thighs that I’ve made before, was the perfect way to use them up.

Spicy Ginger Noodles {with Shrimp}

ginger noodles with shrimp-3

I love having a bog. Really, I do. I love cooking, thinking up ideas and perfecting recipes, and taking photographs. I even enjoy typing my recipes up, despite all of the annoying code that Google likes. But once all that is done, I’m left staring at a big, blank space that needs to be filled with words.

And I kind of hate it.

Having to come up with those words is the single biggest reason that I don’t post more often. Sometimes it’s not too bad – I can share a story about how I was inspired to make the recipe or about how I tried a new ingredient or technique – but a lot of times there’s just nothing. to. say. I mean, there are only so many ways you can say “This is delicious, make it!”

Creamy Sweet Potato and Chipotle Soup

sweet potato soup-3

It’s getting to be the time of year when I plan to make soup at least once a week. In addition to being a quick weeknight meal, soup is an easy go-to for weekday lunches – something I’m especially grateful for when I’m trying to avoid holiday related weight gain.

I stumbled on this recipe for sweet potato soup on the Food + Wine website one afternoon and made it for dinner that night. I love potato soup, but it had never occurred to me to use sweet potatoes before! I skipped the fried cinnamon-sugar tortillas in the original recipe and paired the soup with cheese quesadillas for a warmly satisfying meal.

Cheesy Baked Egg Tart with Tarragon, Tomato and Zucchini

breakfast tart-2

I’ve mentioned before that Shawn works a little bit of a strange schedule, which leaves me on my own for dinner a few nights each week. Since the time we have to share meals together is at a premium, we’ve recently started a new tradition of eating breakfast together on Sundays.

I love typical breakfast foods, but sometimes they’re a pain to make. There’s nothing worse than standing over the stove making pancakes or manning the waffle iron while the rest of the family is already eating (or worse, having their food get cold while they wait for yours to be finished). Luckily, with this baked egg tart, that isn’t a problem. One pan will serve 4-6 people and it’s all finished at the same time, perfect for families that actually want to eat breakfast together.