Bacon & Kale Risotto with a Fried Egg… For One


This recipe is part of my new Cooking for One series. On the first Sunday/Monday of each month, I’ll post a simple yet satisfying meal that is perfectly portioned for people cooking for themselves.

Risotto is Shawn’s favorite, but I cook it for myself from time to time as well. It may seem like a fussy dish, but if you use a pan with plenty of surface area, a single-sized portion cools up in no time.

The last few weeks have been cold and damp, and I’ve been craving comfort food. I came up with this recipe one rainy night when I hadn’t been to the grocery store and didn’t feel like leaving the house..Luckily, I know that as long as I have risotto rice in the cabinet, a satisfying meal is never far away!

Provolone Stuffed Eggplant “Meatball” Subs


Creating my grocery list each Saturday is like pulling teeth. No matter how many times I say “I want to make such and such” when it comes to actually putting my menu together, my mind goes blank and I have to start from scratch. It happens every week without fail. Of course when General Mills asked me if I was interested in creating a collection of recipes for their Tablespoon blog, ideas came flooding in. Within a half hour, I had about 15 recipe concepts that I couldn’t wait to try! (If only my weekly planning could go so easily…)

Since eggplant is one of my favorite late summer vegetables, I chose to focus on how incredibly versatile this vegetable could be — my collection ranges from a stir fry to a dip to a Latin American inspired dish. I’m really happy with how the collection came out. A few of my original ideas had to be scrapped, but the 5 that I whittled it down to are solid. Easy, beautiful, and — most importantly — tasty. I’ll be sharing a few of the recipes here, but be sure to pop on over to to check out my 5 New Eggplant Ideas.