Chipotle Chicken Tostadas with Fresh Corn Salsa



Tostadas bring me back to a bright, sunny kitchen in Alexandria where a standing order with Washington’s Green Grocer meant the basket hanging in the window was always overflowing with fresh produce. I loved how easy those deliveries made it to eat healthily, but it was always a struggle to get through so much produce before it went bad. Tostadas were one of my favorite ways to use up the odds and ends that needed to get eaten. (They’re also a great way to use up tortillas that have started to go stale.)

Magical Moments at the Big Summer Potluck



Last weekend, on a small farm in central Pennsylvania, something magical happened.

A few dozen food bloggers from all over North America gathered at Linden Gardens for the second annual Big Summer Potluck. I’m struggling to come up with words that will do this event justice.

We laughed. We learned. We cried. We hugged (for at least 8 seconds). I didn’t see a single business card exchanged. Instead of “networking” we connected. Someone – I think it was Maggy – said that once you share a meal with someone, you’re friends. At Big Summer Potluck, truer words couldn’t be spoken.