Starbucks Natural Fusions (+ a Giveaway)


Over the past month, I’ve had plenty of posts about tea thanks to the Tazo Cookoff. Today I’m switching up gears with a post for all the coffee lovers out there.

If you know me, you know I love coffee. I started drinking it the summer before my senior year of high school and I’ve rarely spent a morning without a coffee cup in my hand since. In fact, I’m sitting in a coffee shop as I write this post (no, I don’t have a problem or anything…) So I was super excited when Starbucks contacted me about trying their new, naturally flavored coffees, which will be available in stores this fall.

I was really impressed by these! The flavors are there, but are very subtle — more like putting cinnamon in your coffee grounds or adding a drop of vanilla extract to your coffee cup than the overwhelming flavor that some coffees like this have. Since I generally drink my coffee with just a splash of milk I also love that, unlike adding flavor with a syrup, these aren’t sweet or full of calories.

I like the cinnamon flavor the best if I’m drinking hot coffee and the caramel flavor best if I’m drinking it iced. The vanilla is great either way. But why take my word for it when you can try it for yourself? Starbucks has agreed to send three lucky readers full-sized bags of each flavor along with a French Press and a mug. Just leave me a comment telling me which flavor you’re the most excited to try. I’ll pick a winner on Friday.



  1. Vanilla sounds amazing

  2. Katherine M. says:

    I would love to try the carmel! I am trying to cut back on my soy latte habit which means I’ve been making more coffee at home. These new flavors seem great.

  3. I’m trying to get rid of the syrups so this would be perfect.


  4. I would love to try the vanilla. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I love vanilla flavors!

  5. I with you on the coffee love!

    I would love them all!!! Great giveaway! French press coffee is the best :)

  6. I would love to try the caramel. I want to work my flavored (and sugary) creamers out of my diet.

  7. Ohh, I am definitely dying to try the caramel… sounds like a cozy Sunday morning to me!

  8. OMG. great giveaway! I think i would be most interested in trying the cinamon… no the caramel… no cinnamon. Final answer.

  9. I can’t go a day without coffee. I think I’d like to try caramel, but each of them sound really good.

  10. Cinnamon though each flavor sounds great. Second Choice Caramel.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    What fun!

  11. lindsay von says:

    I love love love coffee, something about the ritual more then caffeine is what really makes my morning.

    I’m probably most excited about the vanilla but the caramel could be interesting

  12. I just learned about these new coffees for the first time today, so how ironic to see your giveaway! I’m most excited to try the cinnamon. A little spice in my coffee is always welcome!

  13. Wow all of those coffee flavors sound pretty good to me. Cinnamon is the one I’d most likely try first, since I love spices in my coffee.

  14. i need this. jus sayin

  15. I’m definitely looking forward to the caramel! YUM :)

  16. I really want to try the vanilla!!!

  17. Michael Foster says:

    mmmmm, the Vanilla sounds awesome. However, we just got a day and half cold spell in Colorado, and think the cinnamon would be great in Fall!

  18. No doubt the CARAMEL!!!!! <3

  19. They all sound fantastic but my favorite flavor of anything is caramel- I love it!

  20. Wow! A very fun giveaway!! I am excited to try all of them but most excited about the caramel. In a few weeks it will (sadly) be cold up here. That just sounds so warm and comforting.

  21. I like the caramel and the cinnamon. Yummy!

  22. I think all three sound incredibly tasty, but I would love to try the caramel, my favorite Starbucks beverage is their caramel latte.

  23. I’d probably mix the caramel and vanilla!

  24. I would love to try the cinnamon….they all sound amazing!

  25. I would love to try the cinnamon, but all three sound lovely!

  26. The cinnamon has my name on it!

  27. ah! I love starbucks…I am a gold card member ;) I totally want to try the cinnamon.

  28. I am with you, Cinnamon sounds great.

  29. They all sound great, but I think i’d like the cinnamon the most.

  30. Cinnamon seems to be pretty popular, but is sounds delicious. Or vanilla. :)

  31. Vanilla!!! I love all things vanilla, especially Starbucks’ Skinny Vanilla Latte, so I imagine the vanilla coffee is just as yummy :)

  32. Sandy Kosinski says:

    I always like vanilla but would love to try the cinnamon!

  33. I would love to try the caramel or vanilla!

  34. This looks fabulous! I’d love to try the Vanilla!

  35. I am cautious with cinamon and caramel just because I tried different food/drinks with it and it was kind of overpowering. i would for sure try the vanilla one :-)

  36. I just heard about these recently through a Starbucks email that I recieved. They all sound so wonderful, I love the packaging! If I had to choose which one I would be most excited to try… it would have to be the cinnamon. They all sound wonderful especially today with this cool rainy weather!

  37. it’s gotta be the caramel….. I just swoon at the smell :)

    but wait…. vanilla smells good too….oh but, cinnamon…. hmmm what a great fall scent….

    no… no…. Caramel yep Caramel would be first

    thanks for asking :)

  38. Wow, all of the flavors sounds great! I really like vanilla, so, if I only have one choice, it will be vanilla. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. ClassicKitchenTwist says:

    Would love to try the caramel – I love coffee! I have also been meaning to buy a coffee press so this would be perfect to win! Great giveaway!

  40. I always put cinnamon in my coffee, so I am curious to see how that one tastes!

  41. Here’s another vote for the caramel! I love the combination of caramel and coffee in lattes, so why not in my regular morning cup, right?

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Suzanna E George says:

    the caramel sounds absolutely fantabulous!!!

  43. I would love to see how the caramel compares to the brand I’m using right now. Mmm…coffee. I think I’ll go get some right now. Love giveaways! Thanks!

  44. I love to try the cinnamon flavor…thanks for this giveaway…

  45. I am a true coffee lover. They all sound so good- I can’t wait to try all of them!Especially the cinnamon- no the vanilla- or maybe the caramel- can’t decide which to try first!!

  46. I would love to try the cinnamom coffee!

  47. I’d love to try caramel. :-)

  48. Leah Gregory says:

    I would have to say cinnamon for winter and fall and vanilla for spring and summer! mmm, it makes me want to make coffee right now!

  49. Ooooh! Cinnamon in coffee has been one of my family’s favorites for years, ever since our favorite local mexican place told us the secret ingredient in their yummy coffee! Would love to try that, or any of them for that matter! :)

  50. Vanilla please. I’m a vanilla kind of girl, its my favorite ice cream flavor, and I would love the coffee flavor.

  51. Caramel please! I have a slight obsession with that flavour :)

  52. ooh they all sound good but especially the caramel!

  53. The caramel looks amazing! MMMMM.

  54. i am all about vanilla coffee! vanilla tea … vanilla bodywash … mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  55. I would really like to try the caramel flavor. The cinnamon does sound delicious though because I usually add it to my coffee.

  56. Ashley D. says:

    I want the vanilla coffee with milk in it to create a vanilla latte.

  57. I sampled these as well and I think cinnamon was my favorite, it definitely had the strongest and most natural flavor.

  58. We love flavored coffee and always love trying new flavors. The caramel one sounds very neat to try!

  59. cinnamon. it’s always gonna be cinnamon.

  60. I think Vanilla. I still haven’t found a decent Vanilla coffee…I am so with you on the just milk and nix the sweet syrups for flavour!

  61. I’m most excited to try vanilla. A classic, but a favorite!

  62. The caramel for sure. Sounds delicious!

  63. Ooh, the caramel sounds delish! (I’m sure they’re all fantastic though :)

  64. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway! I’d love to try the caramel flavor as iced coffee. Yum!

  65. Definitely cinnamon. I love a little hint of cinnamon brewing in my coffee!

  66. I would like to try the vanilla flavor!

  67. I would have voted vanilla, had a German colleague of mine not suggested a few weeks ago that I try a pinch of cinnamon in my coffee… delicious! So, cinnamon. :)

  68. Cinnamon sounds perfect for the fall.

  69. you truly can’t go wrong with any of these flavors! but im def on a caramel kick this week :)

  70. mmmm I can’t wait to try the caramel! yumm!