Recipe Rivalry!


Thanks you all for following along these past two weeks as I had fun playing with dry peas and lentils. I really enjoyed creating the recipes, and I hope that you enjoyed them too! I definitely came up with a few winners! Speaking of winners, I’ve entered my Pea & Herb Stuffed Flatbread into the Recipe Rivalry contest…. with your help, I could win a great set of Le Crueset cookware. I absolutely adore Le Crueset, so I’d really like to win! I’m up against some other great bloggers, but I’d appreciate your vote. You can vote once per day from June 17 until June 23rd. ;)

So sweeten the deal a little, the first 500 voters will receive a free sample of lentils! AND once of you will win a very generous supply of lentils and dry peas, courtesy of the USA Dry Pea, Lentil, and Chickpea Association! They’re calling it a “lifetime supply” but I don’t know exactly how much they’re sending – and it’s all coming at one, so if it really is a ridiculous amount, I recommend a nice donation to your local food bank. ;)

TO WIN: Leave me a comment on this post telling me what your favorite lentil recipe is. Simple as that. I’ll pick a winner on June 23.

I was planning to have a fun, new non-lentil post for you tonight to celebrate the end of the lentils, but that will have to wait. I had a really long day at work and I juts can’t spend any more time looking at the computer. All I’ll say is: Cookies. With brown butter. And espresso. Coming very soon.

Meanwhile, you can head on over to the Mushroom Channel to see my recipe for Mushroom Stroganoff. This is one of our favorite weeknight meals and I just know you’ll love it too!

Want more mushrooms? is giving away 2lbs of fresh morels!


  1. Just voted for you – best of luck!

    My favorite lentil recipe would have to be palak dal. Big fan of Indian food. The recipes you’ve posted do look yummy, though. Looking forward to trying them!

  2. Crockpot Curry Chicken and Lentils!

  3. That mushroom dish looks amazing! I must try it asap – I’m a mushroom fanatic ;-)

  4. I just voted for you. I can honestly say I’ve never cooked anything with lentils. :-o I agree that the mushroom recipe looks awesome!! I will have to try it out sometime!

  5. Heather says:

    Good luck! I’ve voted for you, I will try to remember to vote every day (you may need to send a reminder)

    I haven’t cooked too much myself with lentils, but I am really excited to try your Southwest Lentil Patties with Creamy Lime Dressing. I entered for the free sample so that’s what I’m planning to make!

  6. Nimbu Masoor Dal (spiced lemon lentils) with pink lentils, ginger root, lemon, cinnamon, chili, and fresh cilantro.

  7. alan in arkansas says:

    good luck !! i voted for you. my favorite lentil recipe is a salad similar to laurel’s (above) but i add a lot of feta cheese. it gets better each day. your lentil patty recipe may take top spot though.

    did you buy or make your own lentil flour for the cookies?


    • There’s no lentil flour in my cookies, although I do have some that they send to me – I just haven’t been brave enough to use it!

      • alan in arkansas says:

        whoops…i posted that to the wrong blog. your recipe rivalry competitor has an oatmeal cookie recipe using lentil flour. sorry for the mix up. :(


        • hahaha no worries! Those cookies do look good! I’m guessing she used the lentil flour that we were sent. I know I’ve seen it in the bulk bins at our local co-op if you’re wondering where to buy it.

  8. Good luck chica! I’m off to vote!

    In the meantime, my favorite lentil recipe is one that I made with Indian spices and caramelized onions…so good.

  9. I love, love, love cooking dal, especially to use up a bunch of ends of ginger, garlic, and spices.

  10. i love lentil soup–i could eat it on the hottest day of the year. :)

  11. Voted.

    I like lentils in soup. Honestly, I think that’s really the only time I eat them. At least that I can recall.

  12. jacquie says:

    lentil soup – yum!!!

  13. Voted for you!

  14. It has been a while since I have made any lentil recipes, but the last one I really enjoyed was a curried red lentil soup.

  15. Lauren – I’ve voted for you twice so far! I tried the lentil patties with the lime dressing last weekend and loved them – planning to make them again tomorrow for the bbq/potluck my husband and I are having. I love this recipe because I’ve never eaten lentils this way before, and considering I’m trying to eat healthily/lose weight/save money, this recipe is perfect. Thank you! (PS – the indian flatbread recipe also looks amazing – it’s on my list of things to try soon)

  16. My favorite lentil recipe sounds a little weird, but it is so good! My grandma called it “I can’t believe it’s not chopped liver”, and she would serve it during Passover as a chopped liver replacement appetizer. It’s just lentils cooked in chicken broth and then combined in a food processor with walnuts, onion, a hardboiled egg, some parsley and other spices I can’t remember off top of my head, and salt and pepper.

    It’s so simple, and looks rather unappetizing, but it is so delicious! The lentils combined with walnuts on a cracker or piece of toast is just yummy!

  17. Voted!!! I really hope you win!
    My fave lentil dish is the lentilles du puy you get in French cafés – so simple yet so good!

  18. Just voted! I make a vegetarian spicy red lentil dal that my meat-and-potato husband loves! (

  19. Voted for you!! The lentil patties are great!

  20. Katie E. says:

    My favorite lentil recipe is lentil stew. Makes me think of fall.

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