Meat-Free Friday: Moroccan Couscous with Pistachio and Apricot

couscous with pistachio and apricotDo you ever hear something, and all of a sudden decide that’s what you want to make even if it’s really random? That’s what happened with this couscous – someone on facebook wrote that they were having couscous for dinner, and all of a sudden I couldn’t get it out of my head. I’d also been thinking a lot about the combination of apricots and pistachios since I saw a recipe for chocolate bark that included the two of them. I decided that they would go great in the couscous. And you know what? I was right. This dish was absolutely amazing! AND it cooked up in about 15 minutes.

couscous mis en placeThis isn’t the prettiest dish on earth: I used whole wheat couscous for this, which I found in the bulk bins at the co-op. It tasted great – I actually think I prefer it to regular couscous – but it does make the final dish a little brown. The seasonings also contribute to the brownish color, but the combination of cinnamon and allspice was wonderful and perfect for fall. I also used unsulfered apricots – these don’t have the pretty peachy color of sulfite-treated apricots, but they taste just the same and tey haven’t been treated with chemicals.

lemon_pistachio_greenonionAll of the flavors in this come together to fill your mouth with a wonderful aroma. I had initially planned for this to be a side dish, but I messed up the lamb that I was planning to serve it with. I was out of the seasonings that I had planned to use, forgot to glaze it with honey like I had planned, and overcooked it until it basically tasted liek shoe leather. What a waste of lamb! But it was ok, because this couscous was fabulous and I was perfectly happy having it on its own (for dinner I had two servings). The leftovers also made a great lunch the next day. I’ll definitely be making this one again!

moroccan couscous with lambMoroccan Couscous with Pistachio and Apricot

  • 1.5 cups vegetable stock
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 ounce dried apricots, diced
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 6 whole allspice
  • 1 cup whole wheat couscous
  • 1 ounce shelled pistachios, roughly chopped
  • 4 green onions, chopped
  • 6 basil leaves, chopped
  • 1 Tbs fresh lemon juice.

In a medium saucepan combine stock, olive oil, cinnamon, allspice, and apricots. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat and add couscous. Cover and let sit for 5 minutes or until all of th liquid has absorbed. Meanwhile, gently toast your pistachios in a skillet over high heat. Fluff couscous with a fork and stir in pistachios, green onions, and lemon juice.

Serves 6.

Approx. 150 calories, 3 grams fat, 2.5 grams fiber, 4.8 grams protein


  1. I love couscous. I haven’t made it in forever though. And I can’t seem to find the whole wheat variety. Plus I’ve never tried apricots in anything! You’ve given me a few new ideas with this dish – and I would probably treat it as a meal too, instead of a side dish. :)

  2. Sometimes, I find cous cous too bland in taste but with these yummie accompanied flavours, how wrong can you be?

  3. What a gorgeous dish and what a boon to have some of my favorite things tucked into it. I have a sinful fondness for apricots and pistachios. I’m off to check the pantry.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. I love it!! I’ve been craving for cous cous lately. I do like the addition of the pistachios and apricots. It’s a perfect pairing for a good kabob. Yum!!!

  5. Yum! I can’t have couscous, so likely I’d sub quinoa, but this sounds awesome. I’m all “into” pistachios right now, (I had them the other day in a rice pudding and now I want them in EVERYTHING), and this sounds perfect.

  6. I’ve had such a craving for couscous! This is so unique and so delicious sounding!!

  7. AH! That sounds amazing…esp with the pistachios and apricots, that is a fantastic combination! You come up with the best recipes, I swear!

  8. Gorgeous couscous and a great combo of flavors!

  9. That looks so delicious!!!

  10. Thats fantastic dish! love the combo of flavors!

  11. I can think of plenty of times where I have seen a food ingredient and then could not get it of of my head.

    Cous-cous is really versatile grain that can take on the flavor of almost any fruit of vegetable or meat. I love cous- cous. Great dish that you shared with us!

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