Beef Pho (Pho Bo)

beef pho with toppings

Whenever I watch No Reservations, I get a craving for Pho. Which is funny, because until I made this, I’ve never really considered myself to be a pho fan. When we used to live in DC, there were a number of great Vietnamese restaurants that we would go to pretty often. Shawn would get pho and I would get some sort of noodle dish. The other night I thought if Anthony Bourdain loves pho so much, maybe I’m missing something. It had been a few years since I tried it, and I knew Shawn would be happy if I made it, so I did. And it was awesome.[....]

Spinach Souffle

Sometimes I do crazy things.

We saw Julie and Julia this weekend, and I finally caught the Julia Child bug. I had some truffle butter that I bought a few weeks ago that I wanted to use tonight, so I bought a steak. I wanted to have something different on the side, so in true Julia form, I decided to make a souffle. Never mind that I’ve never made souffle before. Never mind that it’s 90 degrees in the house. Never mind that I can’t find the whisk part of my Kitchen Aid and the recipe required egg white beaten until stiff. [....]

Giveaway Time!

fiber one giveaway

In honor of the newly launched FiberOne yogurt, MyBlogSpark has given me THREE of these great gift packs to give away! [....]

Daring Cooks: Rice with Mushrooms, Cuttlefish, and Artichokes

dc cuttlefish plated

I can never leave good enough alone. This recipe would have been perfect for Meat-Free Friday if I had resisted them temptation to add a little chorizo to it. But I didn’t so there’s no meat-free post this week. Unless you want to make this without the sausage. :)

This month’s Daring Cook’s challenge was hosted by Olga of Las Cosas de Olga and Olga’s Recipes. She chose the traditional Catalan dish of rice with mushrooms, cuttlefish, and artichokes. [....]

Buffalo Chicken Salad

buffalo chicken salad

Last week was a little heavy on the cheese and carbs, so I’ve been craving vegetables. This salad hit the spot, and was a great way to use up some random ingredients that I had around the kitchen. [....]

Fast and Easy Pickled Green Beans

pickled green beans 2

Lately the amount of food that I end up throwing out has been annoying me. I get tired of foods really quickly, so I don’t generally like to have the same vegetable multiple times in one week. Since a lot of vegetables are sold in bunches or packages, I end up with way more than I need. I recently got a huge bag of green beans at the farmer’s market and I knew that I would never be able to eat them all before they went bad so I turned half of them into pickles.[....]