Last call for Meat-Free Friday submissions!

Sorry guys. No real post today. I’ve been stuck at work late every night this week, and haven’t been home to cook at all! I just wanted to remind you that ou have until 8pm EST tonight to get your submissions in for the Meat-Free Friday round-up! Several people asked me to do it again, so I’m expecting some good submissions! (so far I have…none.)

If you want to join in, link back to on yur post and email me a link at


  1. Hugs on the crazy week!!!!

  2. I swear I am going to get it together to join you next week! ;-) Sorry it is a crazy week. To make you feel better check out today’s post on my blog–guess who won the cookbook!?! Just need your mailing address and I’ll get it out to you.

  3. Havea wonderful weekend. Can’t wait to see the meat free Friday posts!

  4. I like the idea of Meat Free Friday, I have got a recipe recently posted, and just sent to your mailbox. Hope it fits your criteria : )

  5. Thanks, Carol :)
    Deb, no worried. Believe me, I kow about crazy weeks!!
    You too, Katherine!
    Janet, got it! thanks!

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