RFJ Update and Note a About Meat-Free Fridays

First off, in case anyone was wondering my asparagus ice cream won the royal foodie joust in the “most creative interpretation” category! I’m so excited- thanks to everyone who voted for me! This challenge is super fun, and you should all participate this month.


Second, a note about meat-free fridays. Even though this is the last friday in Lent, I’m going to continue this feature.  Unfortunately, today there is no real post for this. I obviously made dinner, and it was even pretty good but it was SO sugary that it almost made me feel sick (it really isn’t even that much sugar, but its a lot more than I’m used to eating.) If you want to learn how to make caramelized french toast- and learn a new french toast technique that really pretty cool- go visit Nick at Macheesmo. I will tell you that I used milk instead of half and half, and 1T butter instead of oil. I served it with homemade blueberry syrup. If you’re still looking for something to serve on Easter morning, this will definitely satisfy the kiddos! (As well as any adults that aren’t quite so sensitive to sugar). I did a quick rundown of nutritional info since I felt so jittery after eating this and, sans syrup, they clock in at about 180 calories and 1.8 grams of sugar per slice. Which really isn’t totally horrible considering you’re eating french toast.

Edited to add: My husband thought this review sounded too negative. He wants it on the record that he really liked this French toast. I liked it too- it was just too much sugar for me (it wasn’t a sweetness problem, it was a jittery problem!). I might try it again with a little less sugar and no syrup. He thinks its fine as is.


  1. Congrats on winning the challenge! That is such an interesting recipe; you amaze me with your creativity!!!!

  2. That’s awesome!! Congrats!!

  3. CONGRATS!! That’s awesome! : )

    And I’ve been bad at blogging lately so I don’t know how long your blog’s look has been like this but I’m lovin’ it!!!

    Hope your have a WONDERFUl, joy-filled Easter!!

  4. Congrats on winning LK! You are so creative!

  5. thanks! I really don’t think I’m all that creative though- i just like to play with flavors. :)
    Lesley- its only been like this for about a week- thanks! Its amazing what a difference a few little tweaks can make! And a wonderful Easter to you too.

  6. congrats!!~! I’m not surprised though. that was sure darn creative, and I’m so interested in what it should taste like!

  7. A big shout-out to your incredibly creative recipe. I’m glad folks recognized it for its unparalleled orginality.

  8. I loved your recipe for last month’s joust. I am brainstorming for this month. And for the record, I can totally understand not wanting a high sugar dinner. But it looks delish!

  9. im so glad your icecream won. i mean, who else would make asparagus icecream and make it look THAT good?

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