Navy Bean Soup with Guinness and Cheddar Biscuits

CG over at uncovering food is hosting a fun contest… its based on the tv show “Chopped!” where chef’s get three ingredients and they have to come up with a dish that uses them. This month the ingredients were ham, rosemary, and beer. This was harder than it sounded! ham and rosemary pair together beautifully, […]

Grilled Gouda with Ham and Maple Poached Pears

April is National Grilled Cheese Month and it seems as though every blogger worth their salt is writing about it. Since we’re huge fans of warm, gooey sandwiches I couldn’t let the month go by without a grilled cheese post. And this one is good. Not too long ago, we took a drive one weekend. […]

Meat-Free Fridays: Taco Night

These are our favorite tacos. We always use veggie crumbles for them. For some reason, they come out way better that way than with real meat. You can also use black or refried beans instead if that’s more your style or if you want to save a few bucks. We keep the topping simple with a fresh salsa. The addition of cool, creamy avocado in the salsa is delicious and will keep you from reaching for that sour cream! If you have any of the topping left, throw them on some greens the next day for a great salad!

Mini-Pizza Redux

The holiday weekend really threw me for a loop this week. I never sat down and planned a menu/ went to the grocery store and as a result dinners were pulled together on the fly. Which for some reason never really works for me. I can’t be creative on demand! Tonight we had a new […]

Spinach and Sausage "Balliolis"

This past Valentines Day, I made lasagna. And I decided that I wasn’t going to make pasta again until I got myself a pasta roller. Using a rolling pin for it isn’t really that horrible, bit is kind of a pain. Anyway, I got the pasta attachment for my Kitchen Aid a week or so […]

Springtime Salad with Cinnamon Pecans and Fruit

This year, my Mom decided to do Easter dinner as a potluck, which had some interesting results. She made the ham with raisin sauce that she always makes (if she didn’t, there’s a good chance I would have boycotted!) and then everyone brought something. Earlier this week I asked what everyone was bringing, so I […]