Mini-Pizza Redux

The holiday weekend really threw me for a loop this week. I never sat down and planned a menu/ went to the grocery store and as a result dinners were pulled together on the fly. Which for some reason never really works for me. I can’t be creative on demand!

Tonight we had a new version of the mini pizzas that I’ve posted before. Same recipe as before, but we topped them with sausage, spinach, baby bello mushrooms, and fennel. They were really good in a more traditional way than the other version. Use the same recipe as before, but sautee  about 1/2 pound of crumbled sausage with 1 chopped fennel bulb and 1 cup chopped baby bello mushrooms. Top each pizza crust with torn baby spinach, some fresh mozzarella, your suateed sausage and veggies and a little but of fresh romano. Pop in the oven for 15 minutes and enjoy!

Last night’s dinner was just as simple: grilled chicken tenders marinated in lime-basil dressing on a bun with a slice of bacon, avocado, tomato, and spring mix. Simple but delicious!


Next week, I want to try something new for my Meat-Free Fridays feature: in addition to my normal post, I want to do a round up! If you have a great, healthy meatless recipe (fish is ok!) that you would like to see included, leave me a comment and post a link to with a note that you are submitting it to Meat-Free Fridays. Deadline is Thursday, April 23.


  1. Yum!

  2. For a last minute meal those turned out really good. Love the mushrooms on that pizza.. That sandwich looks good and healthy, too. Yummy!!

  3. Love mini pizzas!!!

  4. You can never go wrong with pizza! Your toppings are yummy!! I will be sending you something for your round-up.

  5. The mini pizzas are perfect for a tasty meal!

  6. healthy and delicious – wait – where have I heard that?

  7. Yum!! That chicken dinner from last night is something for me! Yum!
    Those mini pizza’s look great too!

  8. Natasha - 5 Star Foodie says:

    Yum! I’ve been really wanting to have some pizzas for our dinners but was lacking ingredients – I do need to go shopping!

  9. Those are your last minute meals!??! You’re amazing! My last minute meals are pasta and jar sauce, or mac and cheese… haha. Looks healthy and delicious, as usual! :)

  10. I love putting fennel on pizza, it’s so good! The sandwich looks great too.

  11. NOM! Me loves the Fennel!

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