Product Review: Vitamuffins

The wonderful folks over at vitalicious recently sent me some of their products to try out.* I was really curious about the muffin tops, because they are all natural (very important to me), low fat, high fiber, around 100 calories a piece and seemed like a good on-the-go breakfast option. They also have a bunch of added vitamins and minerals, which had me a little scared. As you know, I don’t go for foods that taste “diet-y.” I was pleasantly surprised by these- they’re really good! I was double-y surprised because usually I go for sweets, but I actually like the “normal” muffin flavors the best- the banana nut is to die for. The various bran flavors are great too, and I look forward to trying the corn flavor with some chili. The sweeter muffins- chocolate peanut butter, triple chocolate chunk, and the like- are good too but something about them tastes “off” to me.  I think its just that I expect it to taste like a cupcake, but its a muffin. I like them, but I prefer the other flavors.

I definitely give these muffins my endorsement. Just clean out your freezer before you order- they have no preservatives so they’ll mold really fast if you don’t have room in there! You can either defrost them overnight, or do what I do and pop the frozen muffin in the microwave for 30 seconds for a nice warm treat. I’m generally a light eater in the mornings- usually just a yogurt and a little granola, but one muffin top has been filling enough to keep me satisfied until lunch.

Available from and at select grocery stores.

*In the spirit of full disclosure, yes, these were sent to me for free. However,  I would not post a review if they did not were not both healthy (all natural and low cal) and delicious. I have more integrity than that.


  1. I love, love, love Vitatops!!!

  2. I still have not tried these but really want to!! Thanks for the review : )

  3. I like the fudge ones (banana fudge, double chocolate fudge or soemthing like that) warmed in the microware with a little cool whip. I’m dissapointed they don’t have those kinds in the store (at least not in my area), only the bran ones & regular chocolate

  4. Natasha - 5 Star Foodie says:

    Thanks for the review – something new to try soon!

  5. Marisa, Lesley, and Natasha- thanks for stopping by!
    Heather- I didn’t get to try any fudges ones, but they sound good! I hope I can find the banana nut at a store somewhere…otherwise I may just have to suck it up and pay to have some shipped.

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