Product Review: Popchips

I had a late night at work tonight, and I still havn’t gotten to the grocery store so dinner ended up being pizza. Which makes tonight the perfect night to do a product review!

Like many other people, popchips first came to my attention during the Superbowl. I was really excited to have the opportunity to try them! They seemed to have a lot of promise since they are all natural and low fat. The texture of these chips takes a little getting used to, but I kind of like it. Its like a cross between a Pringle and a rice cake. They’re really light and crispy, and not greay at all which is really nice. I also find that one serving is surprisingly filling!

As for flavors, I’ve tried barbeque, salt and vinegar, origal, and salt and pepper. I also have a parmasean and garlic, but one bag of those got lost (the box exploded in the FedEx truck, but the driver was nice enough to try to find all the contents for me) and for some reason I’m hoarding the bag that I do have. The barbeque is hands down my favorite. They have a really great flavor. I even went to Target to buy some more, but unfortunately they only stock original. Lame. The salt and pepper was my second favorite- the pepper had a nice bite to it! Salt and vinegar is usually one of my favorite chip flavors, but I thought these were too mild. They smelled really strongly of vineegar, but I couldn’t really taste it. The original were good, but I’m not really a plain chips kind of a girl.

All in all, i think these are a pretty nice alternative to standard chips, and I reommend them (especially the BBQ) for anyone who is looking for a chip with less fat and calories. I hope they come out with mor flavors soon- i bet these woudl be great in sour cream and onion or cheddar!


  1. Agreed BBQ is the best. I hope that Target starts being un-lame and selling these :)

  2. I’ve never had pop chips but I’m hoping to give them a try sometime.

  3. you’ll be able to find more of our poptastic flavors (bbq, salt & pepper, etc.) in target in june!
    happy snacking,
    your friends at popchips

  4. Natasha - 5 Star Foodie says:

    My husband is a big fan of all kinds of chips, I will have to check these out for him!

  5. I love all chips! These sound great; I’ll have to look for them!

  6. I love Pop Chips … the plain kind make pretty fun bases for toppings. I like them with a smear of vegetarian refried beans and some low-fat cheddar cheese. Pop them under the broiler for a few seconds and you have funky nachos!

  7. I’ve been seeing this Popchips around everywere in the blog and can’t wait to try them out for myself. I’m interested in the parmesan garlic! but I can’t find them anywhere in singapore…guess will have to wait till I’m back in the states.

  8. I have been hearing so many good things about these chips! Once clean month is over, I must try them! Thanks for the review

  9. I guess I’ll have to wait until June to try them. I think I will like the salt and pepper popchops!

  10. awesome- June is the perfect time for summer picnics and cookouts!
    Natasha- my husband likes chips a lot too, and he enjoyed these. I enjoyed that they’re better for him than what he usually eats. :)
    Kelly- using the original for nachos sounds awesome! I was thinking they’d be good with guac too.
    Sophia- they have them on… do they ship to Singapore?
    Katherine- the salt and pepper is really good- nice and peppery!


  1. [...] BBQ is still my favorite, but both of the new flavors are right up there too. As you know by my previous posts, we love these chips. But you don’t need to take my word on how good they are anymore, [...]

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