Zuppa Toscana

I wish I could say that this was a recipe that was passed down through generations of grandmothers, but it was really more of a “I have some leftover sausage and I want soup…what to do?” I combined bits and pieces from various recipes that I found on the ‘net, and ended up with a lighter, healthier, just as good version of the olive garden classic.

1/2 bound bulk sausage
crushed pepper, to taste
4 pieces turkey bacon, torn into pieces
1 onion, diced
2 large white potatoes, diced
2 tsp garlic, minced
1 box (about 5 cups) low sodium chicken broth
2.5 cups water
1 cup fat free half and half
6 stems kale, torn into pieces.

Brown the sausage in the bottom of a large saucepan. Remove from pan and set aside.

Add bacon to pan and cook until it begins to crisp. Add potato, onion, and a little broth. Cook until vegetable soften.

Add the rest of the borth and the water. Bring to a boil.

Add the sausge, and continue simmering until the potatoes are soft. Add half and half. Add kale. When kale is wilted, soup is ready to serve.

8 servings, 5 points each.


  1. I love this soup at Olive Garden and am so excited to see a healthier version. I can’t wait to make it this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

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