Revisiting an Old Recipe

The other day on the way home from work, we were talking about what to have for dinner. This usually isnt’ a great way to go about planning your meal, but somehow the risotto with sausage and broccoli rabe that I made in July popped into my head, and we knew what we would be having.

Alas, no broccoli rabe was to be found at the grocery store so we settled for broccolini.

Then, as I was stirring my risotto and reminiscing about a great one I had at one of my favorite restaurants, I remembered something. That risotto had chevre in it. And I had a hunk of reduced fat chevre from the farmers market in the fridge.

A TBSP of the chevre mixed into the risotto at the final stage and the substitution of the broccolini, and a new favorite was born.

As an aside, I went through the November issue of Cooking Light this morning, and wrote down TEN recipes that I want to try. I also want ot attempt to recreate a pumpkin and maple bisque that I had out the other day. Looks like I’d better get cooking! Which means some nice updates should be coming soon.

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