Beef, Bean, and Chorizo Chili and Pecan-Bourbin Tart

These were both right out of Cooking Light, so I’ll just link to them. They were both delicious. The chili has a very hearty smoky-spicy flavor that was nice. Not at all like the chili I usually make, but equally as good. I like the use of stew meat as opposed to ground. Serving sizes were pretty good.

That recipe is here

The Pecan Bourbin Tart is every bit as good as it looks and sounds. Easy to make too! Make sure you use halved pecans- the texture wasn’t right with chopped. Don’t be put off by the small servings. The essert is rich and a little goes a long way. Two pieces will make you sick (believe me, I tried). This would be great with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream or some creme fraiche.

That recipe can be found here

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