Sorry for not posting yesterday. I was home sick and had no appetitite, so dinner was just a simple grilled cheese. Ok fine. I didn’t think you would fall for that coming from me. It was grilled mozzarella, tomato, and bacon. Delicious, but really not worth posting about.

This burger on the other hand is another story. Stilton is one of my favorite cheeses, and it goes wonderfully with beef. I’m not going to post this is a normal recipe style, because you really don’t need to learn how to make a burger, do you?

For two burgers, we used 12oz of beef (this was too much if you ask me, but my husband was in charge and he likes his burgers BIG) and about 3 oz stilton. Take about half the cheese and stuff it right into the center of the meat. That way, it gets all melty and gooey when it cooks. If you want a real treat, you can press each patty into some cracked pepper. Cook however you normally cook your burgers. Top with more stilton, some bacon, and a thick slice of red onion. YUM.

Sorry for the brevity of this post. I have other work to get back to. Stay tuned… big changes (and a move) are coming to Healthy Delicious.